The Health Ministry

The Importance of the Health Ministry

The Bible has an important health message that society is generally ignorant about, in a world where there are a myriad of diets have you considered the diet that God recommends?

Another interesting production from Adventists in Canada. Doug Batchelor, the voice of Amazing Fact Ministries based in California gives an presentation on the Health ministry

Through the light of the prophetic gift, God gave Ellen G White (1824-1915), pioneer of the Adventist movement, knowledge of how we may keep ourselves healthy and effective in this final period before the Lord’s return. This health ministry is an adjunct to our proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom as proclaimed to the world prior to his appearance with myriads of angels to judge the earth as outlined in the Book of Revelation. The quotes below are taken from her writings. In subsequent parts of this health ministry item we shall outline the information pertaining to 

N  - Nutrition

E -  Exercise

W - Water

S - Sleep

T - Temperance

A - Air

R - Rest

T - Trust in God

“In the light given me so long ago [1863]...The Lord presented a general plan before me. I was shown that God would give to His commandment-keeping people a reform diet, and that as they received this, their disease and suffering would be greatly lessened. I was shown that this work would progress.” —CD 481,482.

“Gluttony is the prevailing sin of this age.” —CD 32. (See Prov. 23:2; Deut. 21:20,21.)

“True temperance teaches us to dispense entirely with everything hurtful, and use judiciously that which is healthful.” —PP 562.